Going PRO is easy.
ClarityRx Associate Esthetician Program

Our Associate Program offers five basic courses each complete with lessons, an exam, and a certificate of completion.

Product Knowledge
All About Peels
LED Skin Phototherapy

If you have any questions or wish to talk to a ClarityRx Education Coordinator, please click on the Help button above.

ClarityRx Master Esthetician Program

What is a ClarityRx Pro Master Esthetician? The ClarityRx Institute of Esthetics provides those seeking Advanced Esthetics Training and accelerated knowledge in the field of Advanced and Clinical Esthetics. The ClarityRx Masters Program’s primary focus is centered on the Estheticians mastery of procedures and applications, ethical business practices and premier customer service. Our Master Esthetics Program is for students who are licensed Estheticians. The Master Esthetics program prepares students to perform Advanced Clinical Esthetics with knowledge of chemistry, physiology, skin preparation, theory, business management and advanced product knowledge. Upon completion of the program, students will receive a ClarityRx Masters Kit, complete with a Certificate of Completion, complimentary products, and a Master’s lapel pin.

First, Master Esthetician Certification students are required to complete the Associate Certification Program. Click on the Courses link above to see how to complete our prerequisite Associate Esthetician Program Certification.

Next, to enroll in our Master Esthetician Program, be sure that you are currently registered above as a ClarityRx PRO Associate. ClarityRx Institute of Esthetics offers one on-line course per month for those wanting a Master Esthetician Certification. Our Master Esthetician Certification is achieved by attending a minimum of ten (10) ClarityRx Master Esthetician on-line courses. Webinar topics vary and are announced ahead of time.

If you have any questions or wish to talk to a ClarityRx Education Coordinator, please click on the Help link above.