Courses Overview

1. ClarityRx Product Knowledge

Success begins with a thorough understanding of the products you work with. Karla Keene, CEO/Developer of ClarityRx will cover all of the unique qualities of the ClarityRx brand along with highlighting each product, cover new products, key ingredients, usage, best practices, & more! This course is ideal for those that are new to the brand or for those that could use a refresher! Upon completion of this webinar attendees will become certified in ClarityRx Product Knowledge.

2. ClarityRx Peel

Learn the unique qualities, applications and expectations of the ClarityRx peel solutions and protocols. We will cover in detail the best practices to meet the goals of your clients with the different types of peels we offer. A must-attend class for those that are new to our peels and an ideal refresher course as well. Upon completion of this webinar attendees will become certified in all ClarityRx Peels.

3. ClarityRx Microdermabrasion

Learn the basic theory behind microdermabrasion as a whole. We cover the 4 W’s of microdermabrasion…Who, What, Where, When with this basic course. Ideal for beginners or as a refresher course for some.

4. ClarityRx LED Skin Phototherapy

Don’t miss this exciting certification webinar for our new ClarityLights LED Skin Phototherapy treatment!

5. ClarityRx MicroPeel

Learn everything necessary to offer this progressive service to your clients. To be able to be certified you must first have completed both Product Knowledge & All About ClarityRx Peels Live Webinars and have been providing our peel service to your clients for a minimum of 3 months.

6. Master Esthetician Program Courses

The Master Esthetics program prepares students to perform Advanced Clinical Esthetics with knowledge of chemistry, physiology, skin preparation, theory, business management and product knowledge. These courses vary from month to month. The invitations to these courses are sent out on the first of every month. These courses are made available to view on-line at your convenience for 30 days. You must complete a minimum of 10 courses to receive your ClarityRx Masters Certification.