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By February 26, 2016January 20th, 2021Press
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The Makeup-Free Way to Get Dewy, Glowy Skin

Luminous skin will always top luminizer. The issue is it can take some time to get your skin to a place where radiant foundations, highlighters, and now strobing palettes are no longer necessary. But trust us, the real glow is well worth the wait. Because once you’ve got the dewy, radiant skin that models and well-pampered celebs appear to just wake up with, all those luminizing makeup techniques become obsolete. Or, at the very least, they look 10 times better on healthy (re: not dry and dull) skin.


Once the dulling, pore-clogging skin cells have been turned over and the skin-brightening, texture-smoothing ingredients have gone to work, all that remains are the basics of skincare. None of these glow-inducing ingredients can do their job if your skin isn’t properly moisturized. Exfoliate twice a week to ensure you’re sloughing off dead skin cells. We like Clarity Rx’s Get Clean Crushed Bamboo Exfoliator. And don’t forget moisturizer—hydrated skin is dewy skin.

How often do you go makeup free?

ClarityRx products represent the perfect synergy of plant and food-based ingredients and the latest in cosmetic technology to bring you a healthy alternative for results-driven, clinical skin care. Our products are produced without the use of harsh and harmful synthetic chemicals. We focus on sustainable sources from nature’s pharmacy as our key, performing ingredients.
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