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Love, Lipstick, and Pearls Features Daily Dose Of Water™

By March 1, 2016January 20th, 2021Press
Love, Lipstick, and Pearls Features Daily Dose Of Water™

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Our Weekend + Recent Purchases

Happy Leap Day! What an exciting and fun day! I love leap years and consider them lucky. This weekend was super mellow, we stayed in Friday and I picked up some Mexican food and we just relaxed and caught up on some TV. Since moving, we haven’t found a must-have, go-to spot for Mexican food yet. At our old place, we had this little shop around the corner had the best ceviche ever. This new place was just ok, but they accidentally gave us a carne asada burrito and it was so bomb. Bomb! So we’ll definitely go back for that! Otherwise, we’re still on the hunt for a place.

So, Hyluronic Acid is a huge skincare trend right now, I first heard about it from Meg (I know you’re all shocked, since most of my beauty products come from her reviews), and then I started seeing it everywhere! ClarityRX sent me this sample and after using it for just a few days, I could see such a huge difference I ordered more immediately! From their site, “This hydrator serum, made with a water-soluble formula, erases dull and dry skin, leaving you with a supple complexion.” My skin is so soft, it’s no wonder at all why all the beauty and skin gurus are swearing by this stuff!

ClarityRx products represent the perfect synergy of plant and food-based ingredients and the latest in cosmetic technology to bring you a healthy alternative for results-driven, clinical skin care. Our products are produced without the use of harsh and harmful synthetic chemicals. We focus on sustainable sources from nature’s pharmacy as our key, performing ingredients.
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