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HalfStack Magazine Features Cleanse Daily

By March 29, 2016January 20th, 2021Press
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Beauty Beat


Hey readers! Happy Spring! Can you feel it in the air? Is it warming up where you live? Chicago tends to have this epic battle with mother nature during February and March. We go back and forth between winter and spring merely hours apart. It’s a bit comical now that I think of it. The crazy weather can create havoc with your skin if you’re not careful. Lucky for me, my skin has been behaving (knock on wood). Could it be the products I’ve been using these past two months?!? Perhaps, but regardless, you know what I am here for! Yes,  it is that time – that time of the month where I share my latest Beauty Beat.

I’ve been testing out quite a few products that I wanted to share.  So, my latest round up focuses on Face/Body/Hair. Many of these items are my attempt at trying something new as we transition into a new season. From natural deodorants to new hair tools, each item has been a fun experiment to add into my routine!


Clarity Rx Vitamin Infused Cleanser – I am absolutely still in love with this cleanser. I know I wrote about it last month, but this has been my go to cleanser for the last 3 moIt leaves my face feeling refreshed, not stripped and the vitamins help to nourish and replenish the skin. The citrus scent is revitalizing and leaves my skin tingling. It’s my go to cleanser for my morning face routine. The olive oil, rose hip oil and seaweed all help with conditioning the skin. I’ll start my morning with this wash and then lead into a moisturizer before I prime my face for makeup.

My complexion is smooth and has evened out. I haven’t had any issues with breakouts and overall, the dry areas I battled this winter have started to level out and I think that is in part due to the oils that are in the cleanser. I also think that my skin detox in Jan/Feb helped quite a bit. You can read more about that HERE. I think I would say this cleanser  is along the lines of the Murad Vitamin C cleanser, only it is a bit more budget friendly at $29 USD vs. $36 USD. Although, I will note that the murad cleanser does leave my skin feeling a bit dry after each use whereas the Clarity RX really does leave my skin feelings nourished vs. stripped.

ClarityRx products represent the perfect synergy of plant and food-based ingredients and the latest in cosmetic technology to bring you a healthy alternative for results-driven, clinical skin care. Our products are produced without the use of harsh and harmful synthetic chemicals. We focus on sustainable sources from nature’s pharmacy as our key, performing ingredients.
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