All In The Blush Recommends Rehab Mud Mask from ClarityRx Skin Care

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All In The Blush Mentions Rehab Mediterranean Detoxifying Mud Mask

By March 21, 2016January 20th, 2021Press
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The Best Face Masks for your Skin Concerns

With your face undergoing daily makeup routines, exposure to sun damage, and overall dryness from continual changes in the weather, there’s no better way to rejuvenate skin than with a face mask! There’s so many different types of masks, and I have compiled a list of my favorites for a variety of skin concerns.

ClarityRx Rehab Mediterranean Detoxifying Mud Mask
If you’re looking for a great detox mask, the ClarityRx Rehab Mud Mask is one I highly recommend. The formula is enriched with salts and mud from the Dead Sea, along with vitamins, nourishing oils and pure herbal extracts to dramatically clear pores. Detox masks are probably my favorite based on my specific skin concerns, and so far this has been the most effective in clearing and reviving my skin. My face felt not only so much softer after use, but appeared both clearer and brighter. Buy at or

ClarityRx products represent the perfect synergy of plant and food-based ingredients and the latest in cosmetic technology to bring you a healthy alternative for results-driven, clinical skin care. Our products are produced without the use of harsh and harmful synthetic chemicals. We focus on sustainable sources from nature’s pharmacy as our key, performing ingredients.
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