Detoxifying Charcoal MicroExfoliant
Exfoliate, Rejuvenate + Refine Pores
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A 3-in-1 Facial Treatment
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Live + Be Well™

Probiotic + Pink Himalayan Salt Mask


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This multi-tasking body cream tightens, lightens dark spots, reduces wrinkles, and softens texture.



Plant-based, results-driven skincare with zero tradeoffs.

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We believe beautiful skin means healthy skin. Combining our knowledge of skin with our passion for health, we made it our mission to create what others couldn’t or wouldn’t—plant-based, results-driven skincare with zero trade offs in terms of safety or efficacy.


We’ve always been plant-based but results driven. Our focus puts nature’s pharmacy first. We unlock the performance of our natural actives by pairing them with conscious technology—and nothing more. No harmful or synthetic chemicals, extenders, fillers or bulk. No fragrance or artificial colors. No kidding.

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What people are saying about ClarityRx

I Love working with your products, they truly make facials and retail more enjoyable.
The Rise and Shine mask is the best Collagen mask I have ever worked with in 10 years! I love the instant results in plumping, calming and moisturizing!
Love all my Clarity products, especially Take Your Vitamins and Call Me in the Morning. Clarity has changed my skin so much and definitely for the better! I feel pampered every time I do my regimen and I love the way my skin looks and feels!
My skin has never looked better, I am so happy with this product. I find I need less makeup and some days choose to go makeup free because my skin looks so good!
Amazing skin care line! I worked at a spa that used this line and it was my favorite to use! The only think I recommend is reading the ingredients if you have allergies. I used this line on 99 percent of my clients.
Can’t wait to get the new mask!!!!
ClarityRx has changed my skin dramatically!! I love all the products.
I love clarity, because I love knowing exactly what I’m putting on my skin. I love that it’s mostly plants, fruits, vegetables and non harmful ingredients! Not only is it natural but you see results.
Great time. Learned a lot.
Clarity RX has really helped me tremendously with successful results to treat my clients concerns with their skin.
Everything arrived on time and excellently packaged. The quality of the packaging has improved.
So far I really love this product it's helping my skin look great ! . Although I am annoyed at the fact that I paid 15 dollars for 2 day shipping and ended up getting the wrong package. Then waited another 4 dayss to get the right one...
I am trying to reset my password to do training, but when i use the link provided for customer service email, i get an undeliverable message.
Plant based products that work beautifully!
So helpful and informative.
So very, very helpful.
The products that I have, the cleanser daily, the wrinkle reducer and I really like them. I feel that my skin is much smoother, my clogged pores are reduced and I feel like my skin is a bit brighter. I look forward to trying additional products
Terrific products. You did a great job of formulating and packaging them. I’m using the Glycolic Cleanser, Oil Free Moisturizer and the SPF 50 sunscreen. Nice consistency and feel. The cleansers breaks down easy on my face! Would like a spot treatment if you don’t akready have one. Thx!
Love the lip serum
I’ve learned so much and have been loving the continuous education I receive from clarity.
I love it
I had a facial at a Spa with these products. My skin feels clean and rejuvenated.
Love this brand for my clients. Pumpkin Enzyme mask is awesome.
product is awesome
Excellent for easily irritating face skin
Fabulous product line! I've seen outstanding improvements with my clients skin, as well as rave reviews on the ease of home care use.
Clarity Rx is a great result driven brand. The products they carry are concentrated and easy to use. I deducted one star because they are a very small line with limited options. I wish they were more eco friendly, specifically their good to go pads could be less packaging. I wish the company was more honest with the consumer and stuck to a full 2oz for their masks and moisturizers. While the products are good, I wish the brand itself was more trustworthy and quicker to explain changes made to products and why they are made.
5+ star skin care line. Naturally corrective products that are progressive and results-driven. My absolutely favorite is the sleep it off mask, this product is truly outstanding and took years of my skin!! Great customer service.
My products arrived just in time ,I’m back in business thank you so much.
I really like clarity rx the fit it and the pumpkin mask are by far my favorite
Great results with these products!! Made me change from my old skin care line to everything ClarityRx 💕
It’s so refreshing knowing that if I need some guidance or get stuck I can call Clarity and talk with the education department for help. Thank you !
Looks and smells beautiful. The quality and concentration of the ingredients justifies it's price. I only wish there were more products to choose from, particularly for treating active acne, and a creamy cleanser for dry skin.
Love all clarity rx products ,can't live without Skeeping off mask and It's Becoming.
Best Product ever...
Currently using all clarity products. Cleanse daily and cleanse as needed at night. Easy on the eyes every day. Get fit serum for day and apple a day at night. Using Fix it once a week. Nourish your skin for my neck and decolletage . Rise and shine mask about 2xs a week! Best ALL NATURAL skin care line out there. Clarity is like a little GEM! DELIVERS results. My skin has never looked this healthy clear and smooth.
I love clarity their skincare is amazing I'm proud to be a.clairity master!!
Love the products
It does work wonders for my parched skin! What a great find - recommended by my skin therapist.
I love the fruit enzymes that's in it. the natural feel after I use it
Great product! Love the presentation! Thank You so much for including us the Masters Esthetician’s to try this awesome mask.
Best products I have ever found And I am not one to spend lots. Your products work. All I had to do was learn to use the proper product on my skin as needed This I’ve learned from Hand and Stone. First time in my life I had the opportunity to get a few facials and KNOWLEDGE. THANK YOU FOR GREAT PRODUCTS
Love clarity rx products. I love cleanse daily it has a clean feel and it smells amazing💕💕and my everyday serums is take care daily, can’t wait to try the rest of the clarity line 💕💕
I am specifically rating on my experience with Mackenzie Davis. Anytime I send her an email or an order, she promptly replies and I KNOW I can reach out to her with anything I should need. Our ClarityRx products, of course, are always so welcomed by both staff and clients, and they are of great quality and standards. Thank you for ALL you do Mackenzie! You are the best!
Great products
Excellent products.
My favorite brand and I love sharing it with my clients.
The best plant based skincare ever!!
Love this stuff
I've always received very prompt and excellent service, I love this product line!
Loved everything about it!
I have been working at Hand and Stone about five years and I really enjoy working with ClarityRX products and recommending them to my clients. I also have had a number of trainings with ClarityRX educators and they were all professional and positive learning experiences. My last training however was at the new Lake Forest location Hand and Stone right before they opened their doors to the public. The trainer was very knowledgable and informative, but there was a few things that separated that particular training from my other experiences with ClarityRX. The trainer wasn’t ready at the beginning of the meeting with the product and room set ups, she spoked very rapidly, she talked about her personal life/divorce, some traumatic accident of her boyfriend (going into the details way too graphically), and how she had to be at the airport right after the training and having no ride because her friend canceled meeting with her for dinner that day. The overall experience was stressful and uncomfortable and did not match my expectation from trainings that I usually receive. Sincerely, Nina
Wonderful skin care products!
It’s best products for skincare and amazing results for skin.
Amazing product line. It’s like finding an açaí bowl restaurant in a sea of fast food.
Call me in the morning is the best moisturizer I’ve ever used!
I always enjoy the great information provided in a clarity class
Great skin care
More in house education would be nice.
My skin is clear for the first time in my life. Thank you.
The fixit spray is to forceful it sprays 1 spot and doesn’t mist or disperse evenly when applied love the drop of water and the detox mask gentle yet so effective
Great continuing education and great customer service! Can't wait for Karla's new book to come out!!!
This products line is the best.
I like the products, good service, a little on the expensive side for the products
No comment
Clarity products do exactly what they say. My clients have been so happy with the results they can see and feel.
Lon easy chart to learn how to use the products and in what order
These products have changed my life!!! The Cleanse Daily, Sleep It Off, and It's Becoming are my can't live without items. I absolutely adore this line. My only suggestions: I wish the It's Becoming came in a clear bottle (it's hard to tell when I'm running low), and professionally I would like to see more enzyme masks available. Other than that, I have nothing but love for ClarityRx!
Love your products
Love this line! Amazing products! Sleep it Off Mask is by far my most favorite product EVER!!!
I love this line. I love the founder. I love all the free education I get. I couldn’t be any happier with this line.
Skin feels very smooth and moisturized
Love my new serum! Fine lines have already softened a bit.
The customer service with Clarity RX always goes above and beyond expectations as does the continuing education. The last training session I attended hosted by Randilyn Stone was beautifully presented. Her passion and enthusiasm for the brand is apparent in all that she does!
My skin has never been better since switching to Clarity Rx! Years of struggling are finally over. My skin has been balanced and less broken out. These products are high quality and worth every penny.
I love your products and your continuing education on line classes
Always amazing costumer service and the best products!
Love all the products but Sleep it off and Rehab mask are my absolute favorites!
Amazing products!
Hi! I'm a newly converted clarity user. I was breaking out big time over the holidays this year. I'm sure stress and diet didn't help. Daily dose of water, cleanse as needed, and nourish (plus a clarity mask or two - can't pass up a mask) seriously helped my breakouts, and my combination skin.
I working in hand and stone king of purssia location I like have results too with clarity specially brighting facial detox facial with led lights or solo service .sleep mask have some time irritated for some skin ? Pumpkin anzeme too which products I used if it's not suite on some Clint's
Every time I deal with Mackenzie Davis, via telephone or email, she is so so helpful! You guys have a great team and great products!
I have seen amazing results with my clients and myself. I no longer have cystic acne because of ClarityRX!
Excellent product -
These products are amazing! Having worked with them as an esthetician and home use, i can contest to there ability to change the skin for the better. Keep up the good work!
Love these products!!
Well done
I love the Be Well Mask! Its silky creamy texture goes on the skin cool. Leaves my skin feeling smooth and refreshed.
I love the whole product line!!!!! Hope I wasn't yelling
Love it!
Shipment was received quickly. Well packaged and l loved that samples and product information were included. Well done. Thank you!
I have three of the most amazing products, Let There Be Light ,Fix It, and Feel Better. Hydrating the skin is the best results.
Great products for people with sensitive skin!
Best product ever!!!
I Love this Good to Go !!! Perfect for after Gym!!!!
I haven't seen much change in my skin, but compared to the last product I used it is much better!
Pure and effective
I love everything about the products. Safe and friendly to use.
Customer service is great. Fast response to all my questions, order form on all products. Everything I can possibly need to do any order. Thank you so much, keep up the great customer service.


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