You no longer have to sacrifice reaching your skin care goals when searching for a healthier skin care regimen.  Nor do you have to sacrifice the health of your skin in an attempt to reach the results you desire.  ClarityRx® products represent the perfect synergy of plant and food-based ingredients and the latest in cosmetic technology to bring you a healthy alternative for results-driven, clinical skin care.  Our products are produced without the use of harsh and harmful synthetic chemicals.  We focus on sustainable sources from nature’s pharmacy as our key, performing ingredients within our brand to produce safe, clear, beautiful, healthy skin the healthy way.  No artificial fragrances, artificial colorants, or parabens, and no animal testing. Safe, pure, & effective. It’s that simple.

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What Makes Us Unique

Responsibly Sourced • Safe & Healthy • Plant-Based • Results-Driven
Paraben-Free • Sulphate/Phosphate Free • No Artificial Colorants, Fragrances
Free of Unnecessary Synthetic/Harmful Chemicals
No Extenders, Fillers, Bulk Ingredients
Concentrated Formulas • Pharmaceutical Grade Ingredients