ClarityRx® Institute of Esthetics

Introductory + Advanced Education Certification Programs

Our educational training programs are superior in that they offer everything from extensive product knowledge classes to advance cosmetic chemistry courses along with many skill-building courses such as consultative selling, retail selling, skin analysis and more.  Our Esthetics Classes are provided at our Corporate Training Facility, at your location, and also via webinars, live pod casts and videos.

Be certain that all staff members go to our website at and register for our ClarityRx® Pro Club to have access to the myriad of training modules that we have available as well as to receive all invitations to our educational events. On the home page you will see where it says “Join Our ClarityRx® Pro Club” at the bottom right hand corner of that page. Please be certain to include the full name and spa location. Once registered an email will be sent out with the appropriate passwords for accessibility to our Education + Training pages.

We break down and recognize the level of your educational commitments and accomplishments in the following categories:

Level 1 ClarityRx® Certified Esthetician
Level 2 ClarityRx® Certified Specialist
Level 3 ClarityRx® Master Esthetician

Level 1

Become a ClarityRx® Certified Esthetician

We feel that a great start and on-going training opportunities are essential to your success, therefore, we offer the following basic training courses on-site as part as an opening order package, and/or as a part of an on-going product knowledge development and re-enforcement training that we offer via our website.  Those courses are located within the ClarityRx® Pro Club in the Education On Demand page.  Within the same Education On Demand page, you will also find the Hands-On Training Videos.  These are the fundamental webinars needed for any new hires.  The exams for the Product Knowledge and Peels are available on the Hand + Stone page of our ClarityRx® Pro Club to be accessed by the Owners and Managers.  These are not required of us for certification but are a resources for the Owners and Managers to verify that their team has viewed them.

Each attendee that participates in the live on-site training will receive a hard copy of a Certificate of Completion via UPS to the spa in which you are employed at.  Those that view it from our on-line Education On Demand library will receive an electronic Certification of Completion emailed to you upon request. You can request your electronic Certification of Completion by emailing your request to us at

To access our Education + Training Webinar Series and Training Video Library on our website go to and go to the navigation button called ClarityRx® Pro Club.  On the drop down menu you will see where it says Education On Demand.  Enter the password provided to all registered professionals or you can obtain it through your spa owner/manager.

Our Level 1 Certification Courses

On-Line Product Knowledge Course

This course is a must-attend, extensive look at our ClarityRx® collection of products.  You will learn what makes these unique formulas so successful and results-driven.  We go through each product extensively so that you fully understand what it is, how it works, and what skin types and conditions it is recommended for.  Pair this course with viewing our ClarityRx® Basic Facial Protocol Video located on the Education On Demand page of our ClarityRx® Pro Club section of our website.  Lastly, there is an exam that can be offered by each spa owner or manager to ensure that the attendee understands the information provided.  That exam can be located within the ClarityRx® Pro Club in the Hand & Stone page.  Estheticians must obtain that exam from the spa owner/manager.

On-Line All About ClarityRx® Peels

Learn all about our Pro Level ClarityRx® peels!  Our unique, low pH, non-neutralized peels are a sure way to meet the goals of improving your client’s unwanted skin conditions.  This course is ideal to learn how to provide your clients with the safest results.   Pair this course with viewing our ClarityRx Peel Protocol Video located on the Education On Demand page of our ClarityRx® Pro Club section of our website.  That exam can be located within the ClarityRx® Pro Club in the Hand & Stone page.  Estheticians must obtain that exam from the spa owner/manager.


Level 2

Become a ClarityRx® Certified Specialist

You can achieve this level by attending a minimum of 3 of our monthly, live Advanced Education Courses via webinars or our Regional live ClarityRx® Workshops.  These courses offer a myriad of topics for a more in-depth look at ClarityRx® cosmetic chemistry, specific product categories, usages, ways to increase your retail and service sales, + more!

Once these individual courses on-line are completed each attendee will receive 10 points towards their certification levels.  You must attend these live to receive the points.  When attending our ClarityRx Regional Workshops you will receive 20 points.  These points are then utilized two ways:

  1. Each point equals $1.00. You can use your points to purchase your own personal products from us directly at wholesale prices.
  2. These points also accumulate and are applied towards our Master Esthetician Certification.

These archived webinar courses are also found on the Education On Demand page of our ClarityRx® Pro Club section of our website.  *Please not that you will not receive points when viewing the recorded versions.


Level 3

Become a ClarityRx® Master Esthetician

We offer a Master Esthetician Certification for Licensed Estheticians to recognize those who have demonstrated dedication to a higher level of learning.  This certification requires the following prerequisites.

  1. The Licensed Esthetician has had to have accomplished the ClarityRx® Product Knowledge + The All About ClarityRx® Peels live or on-line webinars.
  2. You must have a total of 250 points from our ClarityRx® Certified Specialist courses.
  3. You must be have completed our ClarityRx® MicroPeel Certification
  4. You must have completed our ClarityLights™ LED Skin Phototherapy Certification

We offer the Live Advanced Protocol Certification Training webinars for the MicroPeel + the ClarityLights ™ LED Skin Phototherapy every month. Pair this course with viewing our ClarityRx MicroPeel + ClarityLights ™ LED Skin Phototherapy Protocol located on the Education On Demand page of our ClarityRx® Pro Club section of our website.

The schedule for these courses are sent out to all registrants of our ClarityRx Pro Club on the 1st of every month.

Once you have accomplished all of the above you will receive The ClarityRx® Master Certification of Completion via email.
 You will also receive a ClarityRx® Master Esthetician pin.  Your name will be published on our Master Esthetician Roster on our website and posted on our social media with your approval.  You will receive 10% off wholesale prices on all ClarityRx® products for personal use when you purchase them without Retail Reward Points.